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Course Details
  • BASIC SEWING with Paya - is a 6-weeks intensive course. 2 years ago I held courses in Old Market Hall in Bratislava and on Štefánikova street. This time classes are taking place in my house in Kvetoslavov, since in the area there seem to live many women interested in getting to know how to sew on sewing machines, learning the basics of sewing handmade items. As a BONUS I teach how to up-cycle 'old' clothes to new and fashionable stuff to wear.

    Each COURSE consists of 6 lessons (each is 1.5-2 hours long), where you will learn to sew by yourself. You will finish one product with each lesson.

    On 6 May and 8 May two new courses will be starting, running for 8 weeks this time around (but for the same price as my previous 6-weeks courses).

    How can I attend future courses?

    Email me I will get back to you with as quick as possible.