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  • The blankets are made of up-cycled sweaters and pullovers by patchwork method. You can use them as bed throws or blanket/quilts for covering. The blankets for to cover are under-sewn with soft fleece blanket. They can be machine-washed at 30-40 degrees and dried in drier on lower temperature. Custom orders are welcome, just mail me your suggestions. (for example " Wedding gift blanket" with the names and date of the wedding" or blanket in different sizes for covering of your sofa). With blankets go also sweater pillows, look here.

    These are actual blankets/bed throws/ quilts currently for sale:

    Grey Blanket

    200x145 cm

    view Grey Blanket »

    Red-Black Blanket

    130x170 cm

    view Red-Black Blanket »

    Blue Blanket

    160x150 cm

    view Blue Blanket »

    Beige-Black Blanket

    140x220 cm

    view Beige-Black Blanket »

    Colorful Bed Throw

    250 x 260 cm

    view Colorful Bed Throw »

    Black&White Bed Throw

    270x275 cm

    view Black&White Bed Throw »

    Lilac Blanket

    150x220 cm

    view Lilac Blanket »

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